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Green Building

Some of the great services we can provide.

DRP Construction has many years of experience in green building technologies and techniques. Below are a few examples

  • Photovoltaic Systems - Photovoltaic system sending electricity back into the grid

  • Rainwater and Gray Water Cisterns - 10,000 gallons of roof rainwater storage connected to the drip irrigation system, watering drought tolerant landscaping

  • Geothermal heating - Ground heating/cooling coils for in ground geothermal heat pump system

  • Reuse & Recycle - The most energy efficient way to recycle materials is to reuse the materials as they were used before. In many cases the reused materials are better quality than the new materials available today

  • Low Impact Wetland Construction - Bridge abutment constructed on marshland. Light weight vehicles used on temporary surface leave a light footprint.

  • Mechanically Stabilied Earth Retaining Walls - Low impact wall construction. No concrete or reinforcing steel used. Can be Built with unskilled labor and hand tools. Large walls are built at a fraction of cost of comparable solid masonry walls. Layers of geosynthetic fabric laid between layers of compacted earth. Block, rock, wood or fabric can be used as the wall facing.

  • Radiant Floor heating - Floor coils with light weight concrete being poured In floor radiant heating the most efficient and comfortable way to heat a living space.